Allowing Remarkety API to connect through Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a great solution to protect your hosted website - it's so great, in fact, that we ate Remarkety use it as well!

In some cases, however, Cloudflare can get in the way. Specifically, Remarkety's calls to your website's API, which we use to synchronize data, may get flagged by Cloudflare as requiring further user authentication, which our server cannot do (Cloudflare is explicitly created to block bots, after all..)

To make sure that Remarkety can access your server's API endpoint, you should whitelist our specific IP's within Cloudflare.

Please refer to the following references for the most recent information:

- Cloudflare docs

- Remarkety's IP addresses for web requests


Whitelisting IP addresses in Cloudflare

(Screenshot and explanation is updated as of October 2022, please see the above links for the most recent instructions)

Login to Cloudflare

Log in to Cloudflare, select your account and domain, and proceed to Security -> WAF:


Create the firewall rule

Click "Create Firewall Rule", and then:

1. Name the rule (for example, "Remarkety API"

2. Select field "IP Source Address", operator "equals" and value "".  Click "Or" to add a check for new IP's, and create 2 other filters for the other 2 IP's ( and Note: Please check this article for the most recent IP addresses.

3. Select the "Allow" action

4. Click "Deploy Firewall Rule"






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  • This tutorial is outdated.

    I have tried setting Allow to the relevant IP addresses under Tools (of WAF) but your system still fails to connect to my site
    (I have tried to disable Cloudflare and then your system does not connect just fine)


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