Introducing: Namogoo Segments

Along with the various segmentation options under the “Segmentation” tab, you can now find Namogoo’s unique segments to use in your upcoming campaign.

What are Namogoo segments?

Namogoo’s predictive segments use anonymous, privacy-compliant data and advanced machine learning models - trained over billions of monthly user sessions - to carefully and accurately segment your site’s visitors and predict their behavior.

Please note that Namogoo segments will only appear in your account when the first member is matched, otherwise they will not be shown at all. 

Available Segments 

Here is a list of the new segments and an explanation of what they mean: 

Segment Name


Visitor browsing from cold weather

Visitors on your site that the temperature in their location is below 10 degrees Celsius

Visitor browsing from cloudy weather

Visitors on your site that the weather in their location is “cloudy” or “foggy”

Visitor browsing from sunny weather

Visitors on your site that the weather in their location is “sunny” or “clear”

English speakers

English-speaking visitors, as identified by their browser language preferences.

Returning visitors

Visitors who have visited your site before

Price conscious visitor

Savvy visitors which have “Shopping Extensions” such as Honey installed, as identified by Namogoo’s proprietary technology 

Visitor having strong device

Visitors using high-end mobile or desktop devices.

Engaged visitor 

Visitors who are spending a relatively long time on your site

High probability abandonment 

Visitors who are predicted to have a high probability to abandon and not to complete the purchase in their current session

High probability purchase 

Visitors who are predicted to have a high probability to complete their purchase 

Visitor worth high discount

Visitors predicted to need a relatively strong discount in order to complete their purchase.

Privacy sensitive visitor

Visitors predicted to be especially privacy sensitive, as evidenced by installed ad blockers, using incognito sessions, a VPN, or “do not track” settings.

Note: Because our tracking script respects visitors' “do not track” preferences, this segment will not include some of these visitors by design.


Thrifty shoppers 

Visitors predicted to be bargain hunters, based on Namogoo’s proprietary analytics.

Indecisive shoppers 

Visitors which are indecisive regarding their purchase decisions, as evidenced by recurring returning visits and/or a high page count per visit.

Entry and Exit from Segments

Namogoo segments are dynamic, which means visitors can go in and out of them:

  • Site visitors enter the Namogoo segment on 2 conditions:
    • They are identified by Remarkety’s tracking script (read more)
    • AND They match the filters for the Namogoo segment

So, even though Namogoo can segment visitors using non-PII data, Remarkety will enroll them in the Segment only if they have been identified.

  • Members will leave the Namogoo segment after a pre-defined time has lapsed since their last confirmed enrollment. This is unique for every segment, and depends on the segment itself. For example, a user identified as a “cold weather” user will be automatically removed from the segment within 24 hours, unless they browse the website again during that timeframe and the cold weather is re-confirmed.

The pre-defined time window for each particular segment is displayed when you click into the segment itself.

Using Namogoo Segments

You can achieve powerful results with the Namogoo segments by making use of them wherever you use segments in general: 

  • Filtering newsletter and automation recipients
  • Triggering automation and sequences based on “Added to Segment” and “Removed from Segment” triggers
  • Coming soon: Use the segments within Sequences.

Namogoo segments can also be synced to Facebook and Instagram, just like any other segments.

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