Imagine knowing exactly what your website visitors are interested in, predicting their purchase intent, and tailoring your marketing accordingly. This game-changing feature leverages advanced machine learning to automatically generate segments based on visitor behavior, eliminating manual setup and unlocking powerful personalization at your fingertips.

What are Remarkety AI segments?

Along with your rules-based customer segmentations, Remarkety offers a list of useful smart AI segments by analyzing billions of user sessions to identify key visitor behaviors and predict their future actions. No coding or data analysis expertise is required – simply explore the pre-built segments and pick the ones that perfectly align with your campaign goals.

Understanding AI Segments and Effectively Using Them for Email & SMS Marketing

Here's a breakdown of each AI segment along with email marketing examples to leverage their potential:

1. Engaged Visitors:

  • Description: Highly active users browsing multiple pages and showing consistent session lengths.
  • Example: Send a "Just for You" email highlighting products related to their visited categories or viewed items. Include exclusive offers or early access opportunities based on their engagement.

2. High Probability Abandonment:

  • Description: Visitors likely to leave without purchase, often adding items to cart or initiating checkout.
  • Example: Trigger a timely "Don't Leave Just Yet!" email reminding them of abandoned items with enticing offers or personalized product recommendations.

3. High Probability for Another Purchase:

  • Description: Past customers exhibiting buying behavior indicating potential for another purchase.
  • Example: Send a "We Miss You!" email highlighting new arrivals, seasonal promotions, or exclusive access to new products based on their previous purchases.

4. High Probability to Purchase:

  • Description: Visitors actively demonstrating strong buying intent through product exploration and interaction.
  • Example: Trigger a limited-time "Almost There!" email offering a free gift with purchase or expedited shipping incentive to nudge them towards conversion.

5. High Probability to Use Coupon:

  • Description: Visitors likely to respond to discount offers based on browsing behavior and website interactions.
  • Example: Send a personalized "Special Offer Just for You" email with a targeted coupon based on their viewed categories or recently abandoned items.

6. Indecisive Shoppers:

  • Description: Visitors showing interest but hesitating to commit, often viewing multiple products or comparing prices.
  • Example: Send a "Help Us Understand Your Needs" email offering personalized product recommendations, expert advice, or live chat support to address their concerns.

7. Long Time On Site:

  • Description: Visitors spending extended sessions indicating deep interest in specific products or content.
  • Example: Trigger a "Did You Find What You're Looking For?" email offering tailored product suggestions based on their browsing path or providing additional resources related to their interests.

8. Price Conscious Visitors:

  • Description: Users primarily focusing on product price during their decision-making process.
  • Example: Highlight price comparisons, budget-friendly options, or limited-time sale offers in a "Get More for Less" email tailored to their price sensitivity.

9. Returning Visitors:

  • Description: Visitors who have previously visited your website, indicating brand familiarity and potential interest.
  • Example: Send a "Welcome Back!" email showcasing new arrivals, exclusive deals for returning customers, or highlighting products related to their previous purchases.

10. Using Coupon Extensions:

  • Description: Price-conscious visitors utilizing browser extensions to find deals, indicating a strong focus on value.
  • Example: Offer exclusive promo codes not available through their extensions, highlighting the benefits of purchasing directly from your website, or providing additional value propositions beyond price.

11. Using Dark Mode:

  • Description: Visitors browsing in dark mode, potentially indicating specific preferences or a tech-savvy demographic.
  • Example: Make sure to send these clients content optimized for dark themes, showcasing dark mode product visuals, or highlighting features relevant to their tech preferences.

12. Visitor Worth High Discount:

  • Description: Visitors more likely to convert with a substantial discount.
  • Example: Offer a tiered discount program or personalized coupon code based on their browsing behavior and predicted purchase probability. Emphasize the limited-time nature of the offer to encourage immediate action.

13. Visitors With Strong Device:

  • Description: Users equipped with high-end devices, potentially indicating higher disposable income or tech-enthusiasm.
  • Example: Showcase premium products, highlight advanced features, or offer exclusive early access to new releases catering to their sophisticated preferences.

By understanding these AI segments and incorporating them into your email marketing strategy, you can create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience, leading to increased engagement and conversions. Remember, these are just a starting point – experiment and personalize your approach to achieve optimal results!




Beyond Email & SMS: Social Media Powerhouse

Remarkety AI segments work wonders beyond email marketing. Leverage them to create targeted social media campaigns that resonate deeply with your audience:

  • Retargeting Ads: Display ads reminding cart abandoners of their forgotten items across social media platforms.
  • Lookalike Audiences: Expand your reach to new users with similar interests and browsing behavior as your high-value customers.
  • Dynamic Product Ads: Showcase products visitors previously viewed or added to their cart, driving them back to your website.


Remarkety AI segments are a game-changer for marketers seeking powerful personalization without manual effort. By leveraging these pre-built segments and the insights they provide, you can craft highly targeted email and social media campaigns that resonate with your audience, driving engagement, conversions, and ultimately, remarkable results. Start exploring Remarkety AI segments today and witness the magic of automated, data-driven marketing unfold!

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