Remarkety can generate unique (dynamic) coupons automatically, both in Remarkety system and in your Woocommerce. These coupons are sent to specific customers with the magic touch of email personalization. The steps below will show you how to set up personalized coupons in your automated email campaigns. 


Step 1 - Open for edit the campaign you'd like the send personalized coupons through. The first step will be the "setup tab" where you will find the coupons setting section. Select "Personalized Coupons". 



Step 2 - Fill in all the coupon settings and details to your preference. Any new coupon in this campaign will be created automatically based on these settings. The coupons are created "on-the-fly", only when an actual email is sent to a customer:



Step 3 - Once you've filled in these details, you should test your setting. Click "Test" to automatically generate one dynamic coupon. You can check your Woocommerce back-end to see that the coupon was actually created. Try to use this coupon via checkout in your store to verify that it working based on your settings.



Step 4 - Navigate to the Design tab of your email and add a coupon block to the content. Change style and formatting as you like. If you don't want to use one of the pre-designed blocks, you can just use {$coupon.code} tag anywhere in your email template.



All set! 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at 



The Remarkety team

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  • Outdated I don't even see these options now


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