Web Tracking for Yahoo Cart and Browse Abandonment

Abandoned cart is a must-have campaign for all eCommerce stores out there, allowing you to follow up with customers who add items to their cart and leave your site without completing the purchase.

Browse abandonment campaign allows you to send emails with product recommendations based on what customers have recently viewed in your store. 

Together, these types of email have high contribution to your purchase funnel and can drive additional revenue. 

The Abandoned cart and Browse Abandonment campaigns are now available to Yahoo store owners. 

To get these campaigns up and running, you will need to setup a "web tracking code" in your Yahoo admin. This is an easy 2 minute setup:

1. Go to Settings -> Website Tracking and click on the "upload code to your store" button.

The integration Remarkety has with Yahoo makes sure that the code is automatically copy and pasted into your Yahoo admin.


2. It may take up to 15 minutes for your store to activate this code, so wait 15 minutes before completing step 2. Once the wait is over, go back to this page and click on the "visit a product page to verify" link. This will take you to a random product page on your store.


3. Once the product page loads, add the product to cart and begin the checkout process. Add in at least the billing email address inside the checkout, and then you can close the page and go back to Remarkety. Check the website tracking page to see that the yellow box has turned into green. You will also see a message saying "Well done! Website tracking is installed on your site".


You are all set to create your cart and browse abandonment campaigns!


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