Gmail Email Clipping : Why is gmail clipping my emails ?

What is Gmail Email Clipping?

Gmail has started cutting emails short and showing content only till the cut off point. Now a days, emails greater than 102 KB in HTML size are being cut in the gmail viewer. Rest of the content is hidden beyond that point, unless viewed in a separate browser.

However, this option to view the full email varies with different email clients and devices.

On Android, Gmail provides a link to view the message but on ipad the option does not exist. On iphone Gmail will provide a link but may not open the link properly. Since many customers view your emails on all sorts of devices and email clients, It is essential to send emails that are fully visible. 

This is a limitation of Gmail but something that can be worked around. When an email gets cut , Marketers will not be able to show their full content, additionally they will also not be able to track open and conversion rates for their emails. Customers will not be able to unsubscribe till they click on the link and open a new webpage (view in browser) to check un-subscription settings. 

Why does it happen?

Basically Gmail does not like emails big in size. Size of an email consists of its texts, tracking code for any links, full url links and HTML used to style the content etc. The good news is that images do not count towards the size of the email. So there is no need to reduce the size of the images. 

There are multiple reasons why this size can go above 102 KB in HTML. Some possibilities are : 

  • COPY PASTE - There can be hidden formatting code in text being copy pasted from another website or blogpost. To avoid this, please paste content using "paste as plain text or paste from rich text editor options" settings.
  • MULTIPLE TEST EMAILS - When many test emails are sent from the same campaign to an inbox, Gmail identifies the identical subject line and groups them together into a thread. This clips off the content. This how ever will not happen to your customers since you will be sending one campaign only once. 

How can you prevent it?

Lastly, if it is not the above two, you probably have a lot of extra content. Try and minimize the information in a way that the email is not clipped. Keep your email short, readable and reasonable. In any case, it is not a best practice to send long emails. All you have to do is replicate your original campaign, edit and remove some content so the size reduces to 102 KB or lower. Send a test email to your self to ensure nothing is clipped. 





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  • How do you know the size of your email? Typically I have not seen gmail displaying the KB size anywhere. Does Remarkety say the size anywhere?


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