Why aren’t emails being sent from my campaign?

After creating an email marketing campaign and setting it in “run mode”, some stores may not see any emails being sent in the first few hours/days. Here are a few reasons why it is possible that your campaign may not be sending out emails to your customers:


1. Customers are flagged as “marketing not accepted” or ” newsletter subscribers - no” etc.

This flag means that when the customer created an account on your store or made their first order they chose not to receive marketing emails from you.

The problem with many eCommerce platforms is when customers create an account, they are automatically opted out of marketing emails unless they check the “subscribe to the newsletter” box. Even if they are interested in other types of emails from you, they are placed in the “marketing not accepted” bucket.

How can I know how many of my customers are flagged as “marketing not accepted”/ ”newsletter subscribers - no”?


  1. Go to the Newsletter tab in your Magento admin and choose Newsletter Subscribers
  2. Filter the subscribers according to their status (choose unsubscribe and hit the search button)


  1. Go to the Customers view in your Prestashop admin
  2. Filter Newsletter/Opt in field (choose “no”)


  1. Go to the Customers view in your Shopify admin
  2. Go to the “Accept Marketing” tab to see those who are “marketing allowed”

What to do - If this is the issue you can contact our support team (support@remarkety.com) and we’ll help you resolve it.


 2. Order status is not compatible

The main segment/condition for order follow up and feedback request campaigns to be sent require an order to be in a particular status for a certain period of days. 



As a default, Remarkety will choose the order statuses such as ‘closed,’ ‘complete,’ ‘shipped,’ etc.

What to do - Make sure that the order statuses on your store admin are updated to these specific statuses or add the ones you usually use (like ‘processing,’ or ‘in progress,’ etc.) to the main segment of the campaign.


3. Orders dates are not compatible

In most campaigns we look at specific times when orders were updated on those dates (Remarkety looks at the date that the order status was last updated/modified, not at the order create date).

For inactive customer campaigns or winning back occasional customers you’ll need to set the time frame for the customer’s last order:



In the above example, emails will be sent to customers when their last order was updated between 90 and 120 days ago. That means that on the first day of activating this campaign Remarkety will look back and search for all customers whose last order was in that specific time frame.

Then, every day after that it will look back and send emails to customers who made their order exactly 90 days prior to the current day.

What to do - Make sure that you have orders that were updated in that time frame. If not, change the time frame to one that does have orders in it.

This is also relevant for campaigns such as order follow ups and feedback requests.


4. One page check-out

If your shop leverages a one-page check out, it becomes difficult for campaigns like abandoned carts to be delivered, especially if the customer isn’t signed in. For abandoned cart emails to be sent, your ecommerce platform must have the customer’s email address. In cases where the user is logged in there’s no problem and your ecommerce platform has already stored the customer’s email.  If there is only one page for the email address along with credit card information and a customer abandons the page, your store (and Remarkety) are unable to capture that email address. There must be a page load or event that causes the page to load, like clicking a ‘next’ button. Thus, we recommend leveraging a two-step check out process. Capture the email address in step one and everything else in step two.  


5. Session lifetime

Another reason for emails not to send from an abandoned cart campaign is relevant only to Joomla users (VirtueMart). In this case you’ll need to make sure that your session lifetime is compatible to the timing of the email – if you want the email to be sent one hour after a cart was abandoned you’ll need a session lifetime of more than 60 minutes, for an email to be sent 24 hours after a cart was abandoned you’ll need a session lifetime of more than 1,440 minutes and so on.


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