How do I delete or unsubscribe contacts?

You cannot currently delete contacts from your list and will only be able to unsubscribe or mark the contact as marketing not allowed. To do this, you will follow the simple steps below.

A) Unsubscribing a contact

First, you will click the Users icon on the top right corner of your Remarkety dashboard and select Unsubscribe contacts (step 1).

From there, you will have two options for unsubscribing users based on the size of your list. 

Small contact list: Add a small list of contacts via a comma-separated list by type or copy-paste. Once you've added the contacts, click the "+" icon below to add to the unsubscribed list (step 2). 

Bulk contact list: Upload a CSV file with a list of contacts to be unsubscribed. Each row should contain one email address (step 3). 


Note: Unsubscribed contacts will NOT be included in your pricing plan.

B) Mark as Marketing not allowed

You can do this by clicking on the customer's email address on your manage contacts page at the top of your dashboard, selecting edit, and changing to marketing not allowed. Once you do this, the customer will no longer receive emails.



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