Multi-language content in email templates

Here is a simple and easy solution for those of you who need conditional content based on customer's country.

Maybe it is not the perfect multi language solution, but it covers most cases.

You can use the {customer_country_code} tag together with {if} tags inside your email template.

For example:

{if {customer_country_code} == "ESP"} Gracias por visitar nuestro sitio web
{elseif {customer_country_code} == "FRA"} Merci de visiter notre site Web
{else} Thank you for visiting our website

 You can see that I left the last option for English as default :-)



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    Tobias Conrad

    no country code in subject

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    Tobias Conrad

    the customer i tested is sure from germany(GER), but he gets ENG emails,



    {if {customer_country_code} == "GER"}Hallo {customer_first_name},

    {else}Hello {customer_first_name},


    {if {customer_country_code} == "GER"}Wir würden Sie gerne einladen die {store_url text="our store"} wieder zu besuchen.

    {else}We would like to invite you to come visit {store_url text="our store"} again.{/if}

    {if {customer_country_code} == "GER"} {customer_first_name}, {store_url text="our store"} läd Sie für Ihren Einkauf in den Kundennewsletter ein.

    {else} {customer_first_name}, {store_url text="our store"} invites you for your order to the customer newsletter.{/if}


    {if {customer_country_code} == "GER"}Danke das Sie {store_name} wählen,{else}Thank you for choosing {store_name}, {/if}



    {store_url text={store_name}}

    {if {customer_country_code} == "GER"} Hier können Sie diese E-Mails von uns stoppen.{unsubscribe text="unsubscribe here"}

    {else}If you no longer wish to receive email communications from us, {unsubscribe text="unsubscribe here"}{/if}

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    Joel Presman

    Hi Tobias,

    This is a very useful example. It should work if your customer has the value "GER" in the country code field in the database.

    Please open a support ticket and provide us with the exact user name or email address and we will check it for you.

    Do you see the right values in the template when toggle to view mode in the HTML editor?



    Remarkety team

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