How to use the {recommend_items} tag

This tag {recommend_items} displays recommended items in email (products). This is one of the most powerful tags you can use and it is very effective for various email strategies.

This tag has the following options to customize the products that will be displayed to your customers:

1. type (Optional): Type of recommendation. values can be:

  • also_purchased - Products that other customers who bought the order/cart items also purchased. This is the default value.
  • bought_together - Products that usually bought together with products in order/cart.
  • category_best - Best sellers from the categories of products in order/cart.
  • best_sellers - Best selling products from the past X days (default is 21 days and can be changed with the interval parameter).

2. count (Optional): How many items to display. Default value is 3.

3. width: (Optional): Width of the items images in pixels. Default value is: 400.

4. title (Optional): The title above the recommended items. Default value is set automatically according to the type.

5. interval (Optional): Number of days to calculate. For example, find best items from category in the past 30 days. Default value is: 21.

6. category (Optional): Choose a specific category (only one category is allowed) from which category_best products will be displayed.



{recommend_items width=150 count=5}

{recommend_items type="bought_together"}

{recommend_items type="also_purchased"}

{recommend_items type="category_best" interval="30"}

{recommend_items type="category_best" interval="30" category="tablets"}

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