Holiday season tips and tricks for email marketing


The holiday period, spanning from November to January, is one of the most profitable times for e-commerce retailers. Preparing to send a large amount of emails in a short period of time can help boosting sales, but it is dangerous practice for your email deliverability. Discovering deliverability issues right before the holidays, can cause serious woes to you and your revenue stream.


Remarkety offers you the tools to prepare for the holiday season. You can review Remarekty’s tips and tricks to improve email deliverability for the holiday season:


  1. Make sure you have an SPF record set up.

An SPF record is a simple DNS record which tells other email providers (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc) that Remarkety is authorized to send email on your behalf. To set up an SPF record, follow the instructions here.


**It is recommended to advise with your developer on how to implement**


  1. Make sure you set up your DNS records to white label your domain.

DNS records are basically mapping records that tell the DNS server which IP address each domain is associated with, and how to handle requests sent to each domain.


Once set up, your emails will be recognized by the email platforms (Gmail, outlook, etc.), and can verify that it is coming from an authorized source.

A white labeled account will also remove the "via Remarkety" from the emails sent from your account.


Contact to request Remarkety to send your DNS setup instructions.


  1. Segment your intended contact list in advance.

We understand that during the holiday season, the role of your email marketing is crucial to your bottom line. Although, blasting 2 or more emails a day to your entire contact list can result in increased spam reports by annoyed customers, customers unsubscribing from your list, and deterioration of your sending reputation.


Remarkety’s Segments feature allows you to create dynamic lists to target in email campaigns and on Facebook’s boosted campaigns. Remarkety’s Segments feature also allows you to track the performance of the list you created and to track fluctuation in it.


Learn here how to use segments to target your most engaged customers.


  1. Test, Test, and then, Test some more!

Even though Remarkety’s templates are responsive to adapt to any desktop/mobile device, we highly recommend you to test your campaigns on multiple email platforms to make sure everything looks good. It is not in your best interest to send out a campaign without making sure it is flawless.

We recommend using services like Litmus or Email On Acid to properly preview your campaign.


  1. Email design and content.

We complied a few tips to make sure your content is in order:

  • Keep your subject line simple, direct and avoid subject lines with ALL CAPS, using the word SALE, or anything which can trigger a spam filter.
  • Make sure there is a healthy ratio between image, text, and CTA (Call to Action) terms.
  • Make sure your grammar, spelling and coding is up to the mark.
  • Make sure you attach the correct url to your Call-to-action buttons/terms. A wrong link can be misconstrued by the end-user as a phishing attempt.

To learn more about best-practice to create an email campaigns, click here, or here .



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