Planned Maintenance - March 24, 2019

Update: The maintenance went as planned without any problems, and was finished faster than expected. Impact on end users was limited to only 5 minutes, and the changes we've made to our code in order to enable a quick upgrade will help us provide much shorter downtimes in future maintenance events. Hurray!


On Sunday, March 24 between 04:00am - 05:00am UTC (00:00am - 01:00am EST), we will be performing a database upgrade on our entire system, which will make the app unavailable during some of that time.

The purpose of this maintenance

We are upgrading our database version to a newer release to increase performance and enable our upcoming features. Our current database has been up with no downtime for the past 4 years, and we need about 10 minutes of downtime in order to properly upgrade it. We've defined a longer maintenance window in case we encounter problems, and to make sure we have time to perform all the setup before and checks after, and even rollback if necessary.

How this maintenance affect you

During the maintenance window, the web app itself will be down, so it **will not** be possible to login, edit campaigns, view reports, or any other action in the system.

Newsletters scheduled to go out during or shortly before/after the maintenance window may be delayed for up to 2 hours, but they will be sent out when the upgrade is complete. Automations will also be delayed until the end of the upgrade.

When the upgrade is complete, some delays in email sends may be encountered as our system works through a potential extra load in the email queues.

How to track the maintenance progress

Our status page will be updated with the status of all the components. You can sign up to receive email updates by clicking "Subscribe" at the bottom of the page.

How the maintenance will affect your recipients

Your own end-users (shoppers and contacts) will be minimally effected, except for the following:

- Opt-in and welcome emails will be sent out with a delay. 

- The confirmation button within a double opt-in email will lead to an "under maintenance" page

Otherwise, links in emails will work as usual throughout the maintenance window, so the effect on your recipients will be minimal.

How to prepare for the upgrade

There is nothing specifically you need to do, except be aware that the app will not be available. If you plan to work on the system at that time, please be sure to finish and save your work at least 30 minutes ahead of the maintenance window. 

We've made a great effort to prepare for this upgrade so that it has a minimal impact on you and your users. If you have any specific concerns, please let our support team know in advance.

Why Sunday night?

We have picked the night between Saturday and Sunday because, after analyzing usage patterns over the past year, we've seen that this will have the least impact. We are making every effort to reduce the window of time that the system is unavailable to under 15 minutes. If, for some reason, we will not be able to complete the upgrade, we will roll back immediately to restore the app and reschedule the upgrade.

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