White labeling link tracking URL'S in emails

This article explains how to white-label link tracking in Remarkety emails and why is this important for deliverablity.

What is link tracking?

In order to track clicks, Remarkety switches the original URL of email links with an internal unique "redirect" link. When a customer clicks this URL, Remarkety counts it as a "click" and redirects to the original URL. This method is used by all email marketing services.

What is link tracking white-labeling?

White labeling your links means that instead of the Remarkety's "redirect links", we will be able to use your own sub-domain links. 

For example, before white-labeling a link might look like:


After white-labeling the link will look like: 


Why white-labeling link tracking is important?

Spam filters scan the content of emails and the links within emails to decide if the email safe enough to deliver to the inbox.

Spam filters calculate an overall "spam score" for your emails and will add good points if the links inside your email redirects to the same domain as your "From To" and "Reply To" email address. 

Implementing white labeling is a one-time setup and can help improving email deliverability. 

Note: You do not have to white-label your link tracking URLs. This is a good practice. But not doing so, will not necessarily impact your email deliverability. It is highly recommended for high-volume senders and/or senders with deliverability issues.

How to setup and white-label link tracking

1. Via your web hosting provider, create a new sub-domain for this purpose. 

For example:



2. Point this new sub-domain as a CNAME DNS record to: 


*** Make sure there is a dot "." at the end !!! ***

***make sure the store ID is all lowercase***

Find out what your Remarkety Store ID is by looking here:



3. Contact Remarkety at support@remarekty.com and ask to set your account accordingly.


Thank you,

The Remarkety team




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