Introductory guide to Transactional/Triggered Emails

A transactional/triggered email is a type of email that's triggered by a user action on a website or mobile app. Some common examples of transactional emails include shipping confirmations, invoices and receipts, account notifications, updates, and post-registration emails.

With Remarkety's transactional emails, you can create visually appealing campaigns with up-selling methods like product recommendations, coupon codes, and more.

Transactional emails are not marketing emails, and therefor will always be sent to customers, disregarding their marketing preferences or suppressions (except for technical suppressions such as bad email address). 

Creating the Transactional email:

The Setup Stage:

Unlike Automation campaign where there is a preset trigger, with Transactional emails, you are able to determine the trigger, yourself.

When first setting up the transactional campaign, you can pick one of these options as the campaign triggering event:

  1. productview - when a customer views a product
  2. Customer registered - Customer created an account on your store
  3. Order placed - When Remarkety receives an order/placed event from your Magento
  4. Order updated - When Remarkety receives an order status change for an order (for example from processing to Shipped).
  5. Contact Subscribed - Customer signs up to your mailing list
  6. Email clicked/Opened - Triggers an email based on the shopper's interaction with the email
  7. Customer added to segment
  8. Customer removed from segment

With each of these triggers you can drill down deeper to each of these triggers to get a more granular result. For example: You can select the triggering event "Order updated" and select to send the email only when the order status is updated to "Fulfilled"


Remarkety also offers an option to add custom triggers to utilize in a transactional email. Contact for more details.


Dynamic Data: 

In transactional emails you can include order-related information like the shopper's shipping details, the , shopper's billing details, and the tracking information.

You can find the transactional emails template parameters for relevant to your here


Design and more

The transactional emails are set up the same as any other campaign in your Remarkety account, in terms of design. 
You can review a tutorial video to learn how to design a campaign using the Remarkety template editor: 

To learn more about Transactional emails contact 

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