When there is a sync issue between Remarkety and your Magento 2 website after the plugin was initially installed and worked, there are 2 things to verify first:

  1. Is the plugin still installed?
  2. Did the API Key change?

In this article we will focus on checking the API Key.

  1. In your Magento 2 Admin, go to: System > IntegrationsDashboard___Magento_Admin.png

  2. Locate the "remarkety" integration and click "edit":


  3. Make sure that the value in "Access Token" matches the API Key found on your Remarkety account under Settings > Connection.

    If the value does not match the connection settings in Remarkety, update the API Key in Remarkety.

  4. On the "API" tab,  "Resource Access" should be set to "Custom", and the following options are selected:
      • Sales > Operations > Orders > Actions > View
      • Catalog
      • Customers
      • Carts
      • Stores > Settings > All Stores
      • Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules
      • Marketing > Communications > Newsletter Subscribers
      • Remarkety

        Click "Save" if there were any changes made.
  5. If the API Key in Remarkety did not match the Access Token in Magento, it's also required to make sure that webhooks are currently working.

    In Remarkety, go to Settings > Webhooks and make sure that webhooks are being received and no warning is shown.
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