Adding "Subscribe to newsletter" checkbox for Yahoo Small Businesses checkout page

By default, Remarkety will assume that all customers who place an order will accept marketing emails.

If you want your customer's to have the option to opt in/out for marketing when they checkout, you can use Yahoo's custom fields capabilities and real-time order updates to add a checkbox on the checkout page. This will send Remarkety an accurate marketing status during the checkout process.

Implementing this feature will only capture the status for new customers, it will not update the status for existing customers. Follow the steps below to set this up. 


Step 1

Make sure that you already configured the real-time order updates to Remarkety. Otherwise we will not be able to collect the marketing preference from the checkout page.

Step 2 - Add a new "Custom field" to the checkout billing page

  1. On your Yahoo admin, go to: Store Manager
    The Store link is under Control Panels.
  2. Go to Checkout & Registration Manager.
    The Checkout & Registration Manager link is under Order Settings.
  3. Go to Page Configuration.
    The Page Configuration link.
  4. Switch to Billing Information.
  5. Select "Email Notification" and click on the "add" button.
  6. Choose an appropriate display name and select the "Check Box" field type.

  7. Enter the Field ID "accepts-marketing", choose a "Default Value" (On or Off) and uncheck the "Required Field" checkbox. Click "Finish" 


That's it! Customers will now have the option sign up for marketing when they checkout.  This will ensure that your store has accurate marketing status based on the customer's selected option on the checkout page under the billing information.

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