To install Remarkety on Opencart 3, please follow the following steps.

Note: The Remarkety extension requires vQmod to be installed.

1. Download and unzip the Remarkety Opencart extension from here.

2. Copy the contents of the "upload" subdirectory in the unzipped file to your Opencart installation directory.

3. Activate the extension by logging into Opencart admin -> Extensions -> Choose the extension type -> Modules -> Remarkety -> Install




4. If you have not opened a Remarkety account yet, you can do so directly from Opencart by filling in your details, and clicking "Save". If you already have a Remarkety account, skip to the next step.


5. If you already have a Remarkety account, click on the "Already registered to Remarkety? Click here" link at the top, and enter your existing Remarkety email and password and click the "Save" icon:



That's it! Once the Opencart extension is installed and connected to 


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