What are Sequences and how are they different from Automations?

A Sequence is the new way to automate your marketing with Remarkety! You can create a Sequence of actions, such as sending emails and SMS’s, and automatically trigger and time them based on real-time data and customer behavior.

What are the advantages of Sequences over Automations?

Remarkety has always been about Automation. However, currently every single Automation can perform only a single action (send an email or an SMS). With Sequences, you can create and manage a set of interactions, all in one place. For example, create an entire “abandoned cart” series, with emails and SMS’s, in a single view and within a single context.

What triggers are available?

In the beta phase, we are offering 4 triggers that can cause Sequences to start:

  • A cart has been abandoned (the trigger will fire 2 hours after the cart was last updated)
  • An order has been placed 
  • An order has been fulfilled
  • Birthday trigger (the trigger will fire 30 days before the customer’s birthday)

More triggers are planned, please let us know which ones you’d like to see!

Will my Automations continue working?

Yes, your existing Automations and newsletters are completely unaffected. The Sequences are a brand new feature, and do not affect anything else that you currently have set up within Remarkety.

Do I need to migrate my Automations to Sequences?

Fear not, your Automations will continue working as usual. However, you might have currently active Automations which are defined in a cumbersome way, and that would benefit from being migrated over to Sequences. There is currently no quick way to migrate Automations into Sequences, but we are working on it - stay tuned!

What can Automations do that Sequences cannot?

While in beta, the following features are supported by Automations but are not yet supported by Sequences: 

  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Transactional emails/SMS’s
  • Custom reply-to email addresses

Can I use my existing Automation email designs when building a Sequence?

You cannot at the moment, but this is high on our list of priorities, in order to enable smoother migrations from Automations to Sequences.

What does “Beta” mean?

We are releasing Sequences as a “Beta” because we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as we knew everything was working well. However, there are still some new features which we think are important and we are still developing, as part of the final release.

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