The Remarkety user tracking pixel records product views on the website, to better segment users and to enable "Browse Abandonment" campaigns.

The trick is to be able to match up the user's "cookie" with their actual email. This has to be done client-side. There are several ways that a user can be identified (all of these assume that the tracking code is already installed on your website):

1. By clicking on any link in a Remarkety email. All of our links include a hash of the user's email, and so if a users clicks through to the site by clicking on a link in an email, their browsing behavior will be identified.

2. By subscribing to newsletters via Remarkety's built-in popup. 

3. On supported platforms, by simply logging in to the site.

4. Any other script which runs on the page (such as 3rd party popups, etc) that can identify the user's email, can then notify our tracking code by calling this JavaScript function on the page:

window._rmData = window._rmData || [];
window._rmData.push(["setCustomer", "<email address goes here>"]);
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