Agencies: Setting up a whitelabeled account

If you are a marketing agency, Remarkety supports setting you up with your own customized version of Remarkety you can use with your clients.

Please contact for inquiries about pricing.

In order to set up your account, you will also need to provide us with the following assets:

  1. The domain under which your app will be hosted. For example: "".
    You will need to prove ownership of your root domain to our certificate authority - we will send an automated email to and which will include a link to approve ownership.
  2. What you would like your app to be called (20 characters or less)
  3. A support email to show in the app and in the system emails (for example:
  4. Link to your own support/marketing website (for example:
  5. Support phone number
  6. Your business address
  7. A logo that will be shown at the top-left of the app, instead of the Remarkety logo:

    The logo needs to be a transparent png file which will look good over a black background. Maximum dimensions: 104px X 45px

  8. A logo for the system emails. This logo will be sent at the top of all the emails Remarkety will send to your users. It needs to be a maximum width of 600px and to look good over a white background (for emails). Here's our own logo for reference.
  9. Optional - A favicon for the web page. Here's ours.
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