Troubleshooting Woocommerce Sync Error

Below are troubleshooting steps for  Woocommerce store receiving this sync error: Error occurred during products fetch from store. Possible reasons: Wrong API key, wrong store url, firewall or network problems


1. Add the Remarkety IP's to your xmlrpc white list

Make sure that your xmlrpc.php file is not blocked for access. If it is blocked in general, make sure it's accessible to our IP's.

Here's an article about unblocking xmlrpc.php for specific IP's:

And here's our most updated list of IP addresses:


Once you do this, you should expect to receive a "Connection Reestablished" email within 1-2 hours. If you do not receive this email, proceed to step 2. 


2. Is your site hosted on WPEngine?

If so, please send a request to WP Engine support to have the Remarkety IP's above white listed. Once they confirm this is done, please email to let us know and a member of our team will check on your store's connectivity. If you do not receive this email, proceed to step 2. If your site is not hosted on WPEngine, please skip to step 3. 


3. Do you have any other firewall or security modules installed?

If so, please email with: store name, sync error you've received and name of firewall or security module installed. From there, a member of our tech will follow up as soon as possible to help get your account back up and running. 


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