Magento – creating accounts for different language views

Remarkety offers a way to manage each language view on your Magento store as different accounts so that each account will have its own campaigns in their relevant language and will only send out emails to the relevant customers.

Here is how you do it:

1. From your Remarkety dashboard go to the top upper menu and click on your store's name

2. Then click Manage stores

3. From this page, click the "Connect a new store" button


4. In the pop up window that will open up, make sure that the store URL is the same as your main store's URL, nothing should be changed. Then click on Setup store.


5. You will be redirected to the setup stage which will look exactly like the one you saw when you initially setup your store.

6. Stage 1 and 2 of the setup are the same as before. In stage 3 you can select a new language view: Under "Website" choose your main website (should stay the same), under "Store" choose your main store (should stay the same). The only change is that under "View" you should choose the new language view.


6. Finish the store's setup.

7. Now you have 2 accounts. You can navigate between them in your Remarkety dashboard, where you chose "Manage stores" you will now see a list of your stores.

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