Download and Install the Plugin

  1. Download the plugin file by clicking here.
  2. In your Magento installation, go to Magento Connect (System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager)
  3. Under "Direct package file upload", click "Choose file" and find the plugin file that you downloaded (the file should be called: Remarkety_Mgconnector-latest.tgz). Click "Upload".


  4. Watch the console and make sure the installation completed successfully, then click "Refresh".

  5. After refreshing, make sure that "Remarkety_Mgconnector" shows up on the Extensions list.

Connect to Remarkety

After installing the plugin, you should see a Remarkety menu item in your Magento admin.

Click Remarkety -> Remarkety Installation :


If you already opened a Remarkety account, you need to connect your store to the existing account. In this case, click "Already registered to Remarkety" and fill in your existing Remarkety email and password.

If you do not have an account yet, fill out the details on the installation screen and an account will be created for you.

Note: Be sure to select the view that you want to synchronize with Remarkety. Every view will have its own "Store" or account in Remarkety. You can have a single user manage several stores, but they are treated as separate databases (products, customers, etc).


Enable Website Tracking

To enable website tracking for Browse Abandonment campaigns, make sure that Website Tracking is enabled for your store view under Remarkety -> Remarkety Installation. If it's not, it can be enabled by clicking "Install". Note: Website tracking should only be enabled for the views connected to Remarkety.





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