Troubleshooting Magento Abandoned Carts

If you have a Magento store connected to Remarkety and see that abandoned cart emails are not being sent out, please try the following:

1. Verify that abandoned carts are actually being captured by Magento. In your Magento admin, click Reports -> Shopping Cart -> Abandoned carts

You should see a list of carts - check that the "created at" and "updated at" dates are recent, ie that carts from the last 24 hours are indeed being captured.

If you don't see any carts here, you may be experiencing a Magento bug related to this issue - here's a description and a solution on how to fix it:

2. If you do see recent abandoned carts in Magento, make sure that they are being synchronized to Remarkety by clicking "View store data" under Account Settings -> Connection Settings tab in Remarkety, and selecting the "Carts" tab:



If you see carts in Magento that are not being sent to Remarkety:

- On the Account Settings page, try and test the connection to make sure that the API key is correct and that Remarkety's plugin is properly installed:

- If there is a problem connecting, contact our support team.


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