Remarkety polling REST API (server-side) is a straight forward and easy to implement:

Remarkety REST API Docs

If you are using a popular e-commerce platform, we probably already have a plugin ready for you to use - just search for Remarkety in your platform's app store. If you have your own proprietary eCommerce platform, you may need to implement the following.

How to integrate with Remarkety

1. Contact us first - we may be able to help! 

2. Implement the server-side poll API

3. Implement the client-side JavaScript code (Optional - used for Browse Abandonment, advanced tracking and email-capture Popup). The required JS code (pixel), is available from within your Remarkety account.

4. Contact our technical team and we'll verify the integration with you and connect your eCommerce data.


Read more about how to Integrating your custom platforms with Remarkety here.

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