One option to synchronize your product catalog with Remarkety is to use the standard Google Products feed format. This is a good option for custom carts or non-standard eCommerce websites that need to upload their products to Remarkety. 
Standard eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc, don't need to implement this API. Remarkety has a plug&play plugin for most popular eCommerce platforms.
Remarkety can use a Google Product Feed to fetch your catalog and keep it up to date. We will sample this feed once a day. If you've already set up a Google Product Feed - that's awesome! Just provide us with the URL and no more work is needed from your side.
Implementing a Product Feed
Google Product Feed is a straightforward CSV format file that should be published to a URL that Remarkety can access once a day (we will need to get the feed URL). 
For example:

Remarkety will not use ALL the fields that Google specifies. Instead, we only use the following columns:
  • id (mandatory, * see important comment)
  • item_group_id (optional, this is the parent product id if any)
  • title (mandatory, this is the name of the product)
  • link (mandatory, the product page on your website)
  • image_link (optional, this is the product image. Recommended to use a default image if product has no image)
  • description (optional, text)
  • sku (optional, text)
  • availability ("in stock" / "out of stock")
  • price (mandatory, Format: XXX.YY USD)
  • sale_price (optional, number)
  • brand (optional, text)
  • product_type (Optional - this are the categories. Can have multiple values separated by pipe "|" sign)
* The product id must be the same as it appears in your orders. It should match the product_id value in your orders, otherwise Remarkety won't be able to match the order items in your orders/carts to the product details.
** If using a csv file format for the product feed, the file encoding must be utf-8.
Setting up the product feed in Remarkety
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