Sending contact information via API

Remarkety integrates natively with some of the most popular on-site list building widgets. It's very easy to also send us contact details via Zapier.

In addition, you can create a contact or update an existing contact information via API.

API Documentation:

You can start by simply create a JSON message like thi following example:

  "email": "",
"sms_phone_number_e164": "+14155552671", "firstName": "John", "lastName": "Doe",
"tags": ["tag1","tag2"],
"marketingAllowed": true,
"doubleOptin": false, "properties": { "country": "United States", "state": "CA",
"city": "Cupertino", "address": "1 Infinite Loop", "phone": "555-5555",
"company": "Some Company",
"rewardsPoints": 100 } }
And POST it to this URL:{store_id}/contacts
Content-Type header of application/json.
See detailed explanation here:
Field Name Description Mandatory?
email The email address Yes. Either a valid email address or sms phone number should be presented.
sms_phone_number_e164 SMS Phone number in E.164 format Yes. Either a valid email address or sms phone number should be presented.
firstName Contacts's first name No
lastName Contacts's last name No
tags Tags to be added to the contact No. Should be an array of string.
marketingAllowed The contact's marketing preference. If true, the contact would like to receive email marketing No, but recommended.
doubleOptin Does the contact require a double opt-in via a confirmation email? Defaults to true. No
properties Additional properties attached to the contact, for example address No
The {store_id} parameter is found on your Settings -> API Keys page in Remarkety:
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    Eric Kaps

    So what would the javascript code look like to insert into another app to add a content to Remarkety?

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