Creating and Using Magento 2 Personalized Coupons

With Remarkety, you can use our advanced Magento 2 integration in order to create personalized, time-limited coupons on-the-fly, automatically!

What this means is, that every time an automation is sent, we create a single-use coupon code in Magento, which can also be time-limited - for example for 48 hours after it's sent.

This is a powerful feature which you can use in order to create urgency in abandoned cart campaigns, welcome emails, and more.

Step 1: Create a Magento Cart Price Rule

In your  Magento 2 admin, go to Marketing -> Cart Price Rules and click the "Add New Rule" button.

Fill out the following fields:

Rule Name: Whatever you want, for example: "Remarkety abandoned cart"

Active: Yes

Websites + Customer Groups: Whatever you want

Coupon: Specific Coupon

Use Auto Generation: Yes (this is important - Remarkety will autogenerate codes for you)

Uses per Coupon: 1

Users per Customer: 1 (or more if you wish)

From - To : Please leave empty


Set the Conditions and Actions to set and limit your coupon use. For example, to create a store-wide coupon for 20%, set:

Apply: Percent of product price discount

Discount Amount: 20

Now click Save, and Magento will take you back to the main Cart Price Rules page.

In the rules table, please find your new rule and copy the "ID" shown next to it - for example, here it will be "5":

Step 2: Configure the Remarkety campaign

Within a Remarkety automation (personalized coupons cannot be generated in Newsletters - upload a list instead), go to the Setup tab , and in the Coupons section select Personalized coupon. In the "Personal Discount Settings" section, use the following:

Shopping Cart Price Rule ID: The ID you got from the table above (5 in our example)

Days to expire: After how many days since an email is sent should the coupon expire?

Coupon code prefix: If you want all coupons to have a specific prefix, enter it here.

Length of coupon code: This should be long enough to guarantee that enough unique coupons can be created. Make sure it is at least 6.

Fallback coupon: In case there is a problem creating the personal coupon on the fly, Remarkety can use the specific coupon code you set here instead. If there is a problem and no Fallback coupon is specified, the email *will not* be sent at all.

For example:

Click "Test" in order to create a sample coupon and make sure that everything is working as expected. If all is well, Remarkety will show you the coupon code it just created:

Check your Magento admin and you will see it there too! Just click on the Cart Price rule you created, click on Manage Coupon Codes, scroll down the list and you'll see your new code:


***Sidenote: For Remarkety to be able to generate coupon code in your Magento2, make sure the 

For example: 

If the 


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