Coupon lists are used to send personalized single-use or daily coupons for platforms that don't support automated coupon generation (like on Shopify's basic plans) and for newsletters that need a large amount of coupons.

We've made it super easy to upload a pre-generated coupon list to Remarkety and to use it in your campaigns. We will alert you when your coupons are about to run out, and you can also set a "fallback code" so that in case they do, users will still receive a coupon.


List Types

We currently support 2 types of coupon lists:

Single-use coupons: This is a list of unique coupons - we will not use any coupon more than once.

Daily coupons: This is a list of coupons per date, so all emails sent out on a certain day will use that specific code.


How It Works

The first thing you'll need is a CSV file with a list of coupon codes, one per line. If you are populating a single-use coupon list, all you need is the coupon code (example). For daily coupons, you'll need another column which specifies the date, in the format: YYYY-MM-DD (example).

If you're using Shopify, you can just use the export file that you generate in the Discounts area.

Once you have the file, click on "Manage Coupon Lists" in the Account Settings menu:


Here, you can create a new list or upload coupons to an existing list.

Let's create a new one. First, you will name your coupon list and choose a coupon list type - we'll be using Single-use for this example.

Important: You also have the option to add a fallback coupon code, which is highly recommended. The fallback coupon code will send in the event that your coupon list runs out. This is a safety measure so that your campaigns can still go out with valid coupons.



Once you've complete these steps, click "Create list", and then choose your coupon file. The file might contain a header with the field names - if it does, make sure that "Ignore the first row" is checked.

Now click "Upload", and wait for the import process to complete. If it's a large file this might take some time - don't worry, we'll send you an email when it's done.

When the import is complete, you should see something like the following. Notice that a table with all the valid imported coupons appeared. We can't upload the same code more than once in single-use lists - if a coupon code was duplicated, you'll get a message and a link to download the duplicates file.


Using the coupons in a campaign

OK, now that we've got a list full of coupons, we can use it in a campaign!

In the campaign editor, under the "Promotion Settings" section, select "From uploaded list." A drop-down will appear on the right, and you can select your list from there.


That's it! Just make sure that you have a coupon block in your email content:




You can use the same list in multiple campaigns, so you don't need to keep track of too many of them.

Make sure to keep the list topped up (we'll send you an email when it gets low on coupons). 





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