Transaction emails

A transactional or triggered email is a type of email that is activated by a user action on a website or mobile app. This type of email is different from marketing emails as it will be sent to all customers, regardless of their marketing preferences or suppressions, except for technical suppressions (for example if a contact address hard bounces).


Some examples of transactional emails are shipping confirmations, invoices and receipts, account notifications, updates, and post-registration emails.

With Remarkety's transactional emails, you can create visually appealing campaigns that incorporate up-selling methods like product recommendations, coupon codes, and more.



When setting up a transactional email campaign, you can select the trigger event from a range of options like customer registration, product view, order placement, order update, email click or open, customer addition to or removal from a segment, and more.



In transaction emails, you are able to determine the trigger yourself. You can pick one of these options:

  1. Product view - when a customer views a product
  2. Customer registered - when the customer created an account on your store
  3. Order placed - when Remarkety receives an order/placed event from your store
  4. Order updated - when Remarkety receives an order status change for an order (for example from processing to Shipped).
  5. Contact subscribed - after a customer signs up for your mailing list
  6. Email clicked/opened - triggers an email based on the shopper's interaction with the email
  7. Customer added to segment
  8. Customer removed from segment

You can also customize the trigger event to include specific conditions, such as sending the email only when the order status is updated to "Fulfilled".

  trigger details gif

Custom triggers

Remarkety also offers the option to add custom triggers to your transactional email campaigns, but this will require some development on your end. If you want to learn more about this you can contact for more information.

Dynamic data 

Transactional emails also allow you to include dynamic data related to the order, such as the shopper's shipping details, billing details, and tracking information.


To design a transactional email campaign, you can use Remarkety's template editor, which is the same as designing any other campaign in your Remarkety account.



*If you don't see transactional campaigns in your account, please contact 

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