When defining a personalized coupon in the campaign settings, you will see a field called: "Fallback coupon."


You can enter a value here, which will be the coupon sent to the recipient if, for some reason, we are unable to create a real personalized coupon on your site. If this field is left blank, and we cannot generate a unique coupon, no email will be sent at all. The email will be retried at a later date though.

There are several reasons why a dynamic coupon cannot be generated:

  1. Your server may be experiencing load issues when we are making the request
  2. The settings for that coupon template in your eCommerce backoffice has been changed, and is either no longer valid or is not configured for auto generation

In any case, we will also send the account administrators an email that there are problems creating a coupon. Defining a "fallback code" is a good means for assuring that your customers will get their emails nevertheless.

Important - The "fallback code" is a single, static code that will be sent to all recipients when a code cannot be generated. Because of that, this code will not have a personalized expiration date, and should be redeemable by all users.

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