Sending timely emails is crucial for engaging with your audience effectively. With Remarkety's new feature, "Schedule by recipient timezone," you can ensure that your newsletter reaches your subscribers at the optimal time, no matter where they are in the world. 

This powerful feature is particularly useful for international or multi-timezone audiences and can lead to higher engagement rates.

By leveraging this feature, you're making a strategic decision to reach your audience when they're most likely to engage, which can significantly enhance the performance of your email marketing campaigns.


Account’s timezone VS Recipients’ timezone

Here are the differences between the two options:

Account’s Timezone

Scheduling an email by your account's timezone sends it at the same time to all recipients, based on the timezone you've set for your account. It's straightforward but may not align with every recipient's local time—meaning an email sent at 9 AM EST will arrive at 6 AM for a PST subscriber.

Recipients’ Timezone

When you schedule by the recipients' timezone, each email is sent to arrive at the local time you specify for each recipient. This tailored approach is ideal for global audiences, ensuring the email arrives at a convenient time, like 9 AM local, across different timezones.

Sending a newsletter

In the 'Send' section, you have 3 scheduling choices:

  1. Send now: This will instantly start sending your newsletter.
  2. Schedule by your timezone: This sends the newsletter at a specific future time based on your account’s timezone.
  3. Schedule by recipients' timezone: This sends the newsletter at the specified local time of each recipient.

To Schedule by account (your) timezone:

  1. Choose "Schedule by your timezone."
  2. Select the date and time on which you want the newsletter to be sent.
  3. Remember, this time is tied to the timezone you've set for your account and can be easily changed from your Store Info settings.

To Schedule by recipient’s timezone:

  1. Select "Schedule by recipient timezone."
  2. Pick the date and time you wish your newsletter to reach your subscribers. Unlike scheduling by your timezone, this option will adjust the sending time to match the local time of each recipient, based on their geographical location.
  3. Remarkety will automatically detect each recipient's local timezone and schedule the newsletter accordingly. 
  4. Any contact without a detected time zone will receive the email in your account time zone.

Best Practices and Limitations:

This feature is based on the "Last activity location" property, which is automatically filled by Remarkety based on the IP of the end user when clicking an email, subscribing via Remarkety Popup form or just browsing the website. It is a read-only property.

Schedule the email at least 1 day in advance - Since it takes a full day to schedule an email consistently across all time zones, you should only schedule an email based on your recipient's time zone more than one full day in advance. If you do schedule an email for a time that's already passed in certain time zones, your email be sent to contacts in those time zones at the same local time the following day.

  • This feature is only available for newsletters (blast email) and not available in Automations/Sequences.
  • Not available in an A/B test mode.
  • Not available together with throttling.


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