How to create a dynamic coupon tag for Magento?

First you need to create a "Shopping Cart Price Rule" on your Magento admin. This is actually the template of the dynamic coupon.

  1. From the admin main menu, go to "Promotions" => "Shopping Cart Price Rules"

  2. Click "Add New Rule"
  3. For the field called "Coupon", you need to select "Specific Coupon"
  4. You MUST check the check-box for: Use Auto Generation

  5. After you save the rule, you should see the ID# on the left column of the rules table:

Now inside the Remarkety campaign, use this ID (for example: 100) to set up and test the personalized coupon. Note that you can also set up the days to expire for this specific coupon, but for this to work you need to be using the Magento plugin version or above.


If you are using the older version of Remarkety's email editor and do not have the Promotion Settings group in your campaign settings screen, you need to use our legacy tags:

For example, if the coupon ID is 100, the coupon tag should look like (example):

{insert_dynamic_coupon_magento value="100"}

You can also add expiration time. For example 14 days since the email has been sent. The coupon tag should look like (example):

{insert_dynamic_coupon_magento value="100" expiration_days="14"}

That's it, you are all set.


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