Remarkety's integration with Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Remarkety offers a quick integration with your Microsoft Dynamic CRM using Zapier.

When logged into Zapier, click here to get access to the Remarkety app.

In Zapier, you will be able to connect your Microsoft CRM to Remarkety allowing to pull anyone that is added to your CRM straight to Remarkety.

1. Create a new Zap:

2. Select Microsoft Dynamic CRM as your trigger app here:


3. Choose the trigger (It could be a new contact, new opportunity or new lead):


4. You may be prompted to verify that the trigger app is setup correctly.


5. Choose Remarkety as the target app (If you can't find us, you'll need to get an invite)

6. Since we're adding a new contact in this scenario, choose "Add a contact". You can later create another Zap for unsubscribing contacts in a similar fashion.

7. Let's connect the Remarkety account here, if you haven't already done so. You'll need an API key and the store ID. Both are found in Remarkety on the Account Settings page, under the API Keys tab. The store ID is shown at the top, and a token needs to be created. Enter Zapier as the comment, and click "Generate Token". Your new token will then be shown in the list - this is the API Key you need for Zapier:


8. Back in Zapier, once you've connected the account, you can test and then Save + Continue:

9. Next up, we'll be mapping the fields that we get from Microsoft Dynamic CRM into the Remarkety fields. This is quite simply actually - click on the "Select fields" icon near every select box, and choose the most appropriate field from the trigger app.

10. Two fields merit some attention - "Double opt-in required?" and "Tags":

- When "Double opt-in required" is set to true, Remarkety will send a confirmation email to this contact before subscribing them. If the Zap occurs after the contact has already confirmed this, or alternatively if your local regulations don't mandate double opt-in, you can set this to false. If you are unsure, leave this at "true" - your email list will be much cleaner.

- Tags are optional, and are a set of tags that contacts registered through this Zap will automatically receive in Remarkety. This can either be passed in via a field from the trigger app, or typed in manually (I typed in "Microsoft CRM" in this example).


11. Zapier will ask us to run a test. The fields you see will be different, and will depend on the test that you ran when connecting the trigger app.




... And that's it! Now you can name your Zap, turn it on, and watch the leads start pouring in to Remarkety.


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