Ensuring email addresses captured by Poptin email popups are sent to Remarkety is easy. For more information on Poptin-Remarkety integration, visit their website.

Please follow these instruction to integrate your Poptin pop-up with Remarkety:


Step 1: Design your pop-up

Go to your Poptin account and create your popup form. Follow the recommendations in Poptin's Help Center to achieve best results. 

Step 2: Begin integration

1. On the Design page of your pop-up editor, click on the "Email and integrations" section on the left menu. Then click on "Add integration".


2. In the selection page, select Remarkety. You can either scroll through the different options until you find Remarkety, or simply type in "Remarkety" inside the search bar. 

3. Once Remarkety is selected, the API token and Store ID boxes will appear in the bottom of the pop-up. 


Step 3: Collect Store ID and API token from Remarkety  

To find the API Token and Store ID, you will need to go to your Remarkety account. In your Remarkety account click on Settings-> API Keys.

Copy your Store ID and API Token (if you don't have an API token, click on Generate Token).


Step 4: Complete integration

Return to your Poptin design page and paste your Store ID and API Token in the integration popup and Click on "Approve".


Step 5: Complete setup of pop-up on your website


Proceed to the "Display rules" section of the pop-up editor inside your Poptin account. Complete setting up the pop-up's rules. Once completed, click "Publish" to complete the setup. 
After you have clicked on the Publish button, a new pop-up window will appear with the script to embed on your website

Click on the "copy code" button and paste it on your website. 


Use case example: Add script to your Shopify store: 

1. In your Shopify admin, go to Sales Channels->Online Stores->Themes.

2. On the theme's tile, select Actions->Edit Code. 


3. On the next screen choose the theme.liquid file from the left menu. It should be the first one.

4. In the theme.liquid code scroll all the way down and paste Remarkety's popup code right before the </body> tag.

5. Once your layout file looks like the example below, you can go ahead and save it.


6. Check your website to confirm the Poptin pop-up is loading successfully. 



Still not clear on how to set up? Watch this tutorial video to learn more about setting up the integration between Remarkety and Poptin here. 

For more questions about the Remarkety<->Poptin integration contact support@remarkety.com or go to Poptin's Help Center page. Poptin has a setup tutorial for almost any e-commerce platform available in their Help Center

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