We are please to announce our new integration with 40Nuggets, a lead-capture automation system (popups, exit intents, etc).

Setting up the integration takes less than a minute, and will then send all of the leads captured via 40Nuggets campaigns straight into Remarkety.

Here's how it works:

1. Get your store ID by going to Settings -> API Keys in Remarkety

2. Within 40Nuggets, add a webhook by editing your nugget -> Configure -> Integration -> Add Integration -> Webhook. Enter the following as the Webhook URL:

https://webhooks.remarkety.com/webhooks/40nuggets/store/<store id from above>

For example (don't use this, the store ID is wrong):



Save your nugget, and that's it!


When a lead converts via this nugget, their information will be sent to Remarkety. They will, by default, receive a double opt-in confirmation email, and once approved, will enter your "allowed marketing" list.

The new contact will automatically be tagged with "40Nuggets - <your 40nuggets campaign name>".

We will also attempt to intelligently break up the "name" field from 40Nuggets into first and last name fields. 

Let us know if you find this integration useful :)




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