Integrate Sumo with Remarkety via Zapier (Email and SMS forms)

Sumo forms and popups can be easily integrated with Remarkety via Zapier. This integration allows you to capture and subscribe contacts via email and/or SMS number.

The following guide will explain how to create a new "Sumo <> Remarkety" Zap to automatically add new Sumo leads into Remarkety and also how to collect and format SMS phone numbers. 

To set this up, you'll need an existing Zapier account.

Step 1: Create a simple Sumo popup

a. In your Sumo account, create a simple popup with a form that includes both email and phone number as mandatory fields. 

b. Once your Popup is ready, make sure it works on your website and submit at least one lead. Verify that you can see the lead details in you Sumo account.

In the example below, I setup the Sumo popup on a Shopify store. 


Step 2: Create a new "Sumo <> Remarkety" integration on Zapier

a. In Zapier, click on "Make A Zap"


b. This integration contains 3 steps: Sumo > Formatter > Remarkety.

c. Set Sumo as the Trigger App. You may be prompted to verify that the trigger app is setup correctly. There more details here on how to connect your Sumo account in Zapier.

d. Choose Frometter by Zapier as the first "Do this..." step

e. Choose Remarkety as the Last "Do this..." step"

Step 3: Setup Formetter to handle phone number asE.164 format

a. Select the "Formatter by Zapier" app and "Numbers" as the event.


b. Under "Transform" select "Format Phone Number".

c. For Input, select the field from source (Sumo) to be the phone number field.

d. The "To Format" should be the E.164, and you should select a default country code. For example: "United States".


e. Last step, click "Continue" and then "Test & Review" to make sure the output field is in E.164 format.

Step 4: Setup Remarkety as the Target app

a. In the "Do This" step, choose the Remarkety app.

b. Under "Action Event" select "Add Contact" and then choose your Remarkety account.

c. In the "Customize Contact" setup the Email field as the email source app field.

d. The SMS Phone Number field should be taken from the Zapier Formatter E.164 field and not from the original source app field.


e. We recommend to setup the "Tags" field and enter the name of the Sumo campaign or anything else that will help you identify these contacts in Remarkety as Sumo leads. For example, you can use this text: "Sumo popup lead".

f. Click "Continue" and then "Test & Continue" to complete this step and check if the new contact was added to Remarkety with an SMS Phone Number as shown in the test data.




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