How to collect SMS subscribers for your eCommerce store

For Remarkety accounts that are just starting out with SMS marketing, it is essential to collect SMS subscribers from scratch. This separate channel of marketing requires every eCommerce to build its contact list over time.

With Remarkety there are six different ways to collect SMS subscribers. 

Collect phone numbers from your Checkout page

When your customers checkout on your website, they will generally also leave their phone number as part of the shipping information. Remarkety can automatically enroll this phone number for SMS marketing, thus helping you grow your list without additional pop ups or forms.

We will enroll the phone number into SMS marketing based on the single "Accepts Marketing" flag that is also used to enroll the customer's email address.

Important: If implementing this option, make sure that your are properly informing your users on the checkout page, based on the legal requirements in your (and your customers') region. 

You can also choose to trigger an opt-in message to ensure the shopper wants to receive SMS marketing from your moving forward (recommended), or automatically opt-in the SMS contact for SMS marketing (not recommended).


Text to Subscribe: 

Customers can opt-in to your SMS marketing list simply by sending a text message to one of your account's phone numbers. 

Within the SMS Settings page, see the "Opt-in" section to setup keywords which, when sent by your customers, will enroll them. We have a list of mandated keywords (such as JOIN and OPTIN), but you can add additional keywords, including in other languages. Mind that keywords are case-insensitive.

Optionally, you can include a "thank you" message which will automatically be texted back to your customers once they opt-in with a keyword.



Pop up forms: 

Use Remarkety's built-in popup form to collect SMS phone numbers and consent. No integrations necessary, this is the most direct and simplest way to collect your visitors' information. For more information on setting this up, read here. 


Remarkety has also partnered with third-party tools below that allows you to send SMS contacts directly to Remarkety. 

  • JustUno - Click here to learn how to enable your JustUno pop up to send SMS contacts directly to your Remarkety account. 
  • Poptin - Click here to learn how to enable your Poptin pop up to send SMS contacts directly to your Remarkety account.
  • Zapier - Remarkety‚Äôs integration with Zapier allows you to connect any third-party tool to add SMS contacts to Remarkety using their connector. Check out this article on how to connect your SUMO subscription forms with Remarkety through Zapier.

Embedded subscription forms:

Include the SMS number field information on the embedded HTML form by adding the following fields to the form's script:
1. sms_phone_number: For example: +14155552671.

If the value is not E.164 format you should also provide the sms_country_code field.

2. sms_country_code: For example: US. If sms_phone_number is not an E.164 we will use the value from this field to format the phone number.

Example of a Remarkety embedded HTML form that can collect an SMS number:

<form action="" method="post">

<input type="hidden" name="store_id" value="STORE_ID">

<input type="hidden" name="form_id" value="Wx4AwXdr">

<input type="hidden" name="tag_1" value="remarkety_newsletter">

<div>Your email: <input type="text" name="email"></div>

<div>Your phone number: <input type="number" name="sms_phone_number"></div>

<div><button type="submit" value="Submit">Submit</button></div>



Sending SMS contacts via API:

As an open API, Remarkety is able to receive any data from third-party tools via API. Here's an article explaining it. 

Via our open API, you can create a contact or update an existing contact. You can start by creating a JSON message like this following example:

  "email": "",
"sms_phone_number": "+14155552671",
"sms_country_code": "US", "firstName": "John", "lastName": "Doe",
"tags": ["VIP", "Wholesale", "tag_3", "tag_4"],
"marketingAllowed": true,
"doubleOptin": false, "properties": { "country": "United States", "state": "CA",
"city": "Cupertino",
"zipCode": "12345", "address": "1 Infinite Loop", "phone": "555-5555",
"company": "Some Company",
"rewardsPoints": 100,
"birth_date": "1989-06-17" } }
And POST it to this URL:{store_id}/contacts
Content-Type header of application/json.


Landing page link:

Every Remarkety account has a unique landing page link that allows for collecting SMS and email subscribers.

To access the landing page setup:

Go to Contacts > Embedded HTML form > Sign up.


In the Landing page's tab, there are options to design the landing page to fit your needs. 

The landing page can be used on any page of your website by using the Public Form URL, or linked by using the URL Template tag inside an email. 


For further questions about the above ways of collecting SMS subscribers, please email

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