Before adding the popup script to your store, click here to  learn how to create a popup in Remarkety.

Add a Remarkety popup to your BigCommerce store by following these steps*: 


1. Go to Storefront->Script manager
2. Click on create script

3. Inside the Create Script, follow these steps:

  • Add the script name of your choice
  • Select Footer in Location On Page
  • Select which pages would you like the popup to appear in. In the example below, All pages was selected
  • Select Essential in Script Category
  • Select Script in Script Type
  • Paste the Remarkety pop up JS code inside the box and click Save. 
    For example: 

4. Go to your store to make sure the popup is working as expected



*Not all BigCommerce stores are set up the same way. It is recommended to advise with your web designer before adding a popup to your store

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