Personalized Countdown Timers in Emails (V2 Editor)

Important Note: This article no longer works with the free version of Sendtric since they removed support for dynamic dates in their free version. 

Please see here about integrating Nifty Images (commercial product) with Remarkety.


Countdown timers are very useful in adding a sense of urgency to a limited-time offer with a "ticking clock". Here's how to use to create a limited-time offer you can use in an email.

Note: We are not affiliated in any way with and have no way of vouching for or guaranteeing the service uptime, cost, or terms of use.

1. Sign up to and accept their terms of use. You can change the colors and language on their website. When you generate the image, you'll get an image URL to use on the right side. The expiration date is not important - we'll be changing that within Remarkety.


2. Copy the image URL, and change the "to" parameter to a piece of code that reflects the time for this offer relative to the email's actual send date. This is important for automations and dynamic coupons, because the coupon is created when the email is sent and will have a different expiration date for every email sent. So, for example, if you would like the offer to be valid for 2 days after the email send, replace this:

<img src="" style="display: block;" />

With this:

<img src="{'+2 days'|date_format:'%s'}&bg=000000&fg=ffffff&days=1&lang=en" style="display: block;" />

Note that you can replace the '+2 days' part with almost anything, ie '+1 month', '+4 hour', etc.

3. In the email editor within Remarkety, enter the HTML mode for the block where you'd like to insert the timer, and click on the "Source Code icon":


4. Within the source code editor, paste the image URL you created in step 3:


5. Click OK. The image will show as broken in the design view because the magic happens only when the email is finally rendered. You can see the final output by switching to Preview:




And you're all set with custom timers! Please let us know if you're making use of this feature and if you have any suggestions for us.


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