Hide order items with Price "0" from emails

Sometimes you want to treat your customers to something special. Giving your customers coupons is a good way to do this, but so is giving your customers a special bonus treat. This could be a surprise gift bag, a buy-one-get-one, or some other add in. If you want to include these items in your store, you do not need to worry about priced 0 catalog items taking up space on your email product recommendation tiles. Read this article to find out how.

To hide order items that have "0" as the price follow these instructions: 

1. In Remarkety's template editor, drag an order/cart row to the template. 



2. Select the Order/Cart row and click on the "Edit Condition" button located on the right-side menu. 


3. Once clicked on the "Edit Condition" button, a popup window will appear. Inside the popup you can set the condition to loop over each order items but to hide order items with the price "0". Once done adding the condition, click Confirm to apply. 

For example: 

<!-- {foreach $order.items as $item}{if $item.priceRaw != 0} -->

<!-- {/if}{/foreach} --> 



That's it! 

To learn more about the If conditions you can use inside Remarkety, click here




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