The image in my Design does not match the image in the Preview

When building an email campaign inside the Remarkety template editor, it is important to compare the body of the email in the Design stage to the display in the Preview stage before sending the email out. 


You may notice that there are outlier cases where the image inside the campaign Preview does not match the image you uploaded to the Design area. 

The reason for this error is that the image title you used may appear for another image elsewhere in the template editor's File manager image gallery.  When an image is uploaded to Remarkety but the title has already been used, the system will display the originally titled image rather than the newly uploaded one.  


The best way to resolve this matter is to rename the image file title to a unique name rather than something generic that is likely been used when uploading previous images. 

For example, instead of uploading images with titles like "image 1," "image 2," "image 3," or "Header," "Body," "Footer," this confusion is more likely to occur. By assigning unique names to images, you are more likely to avoid this caching issue. 


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