Adding tags to contacts using links (V2 editor)

"Tags" are a very powerful way to differentiate and manage your contact list. They are very similar to the tags you may know from blogs, Twitter, etc. They are simply an attribute that is associated with a shopper.

Tags are used within Remarkety as a substitute for lists. You can tag many shoppers with the same tag, and then use this tag as a filter within an email campaign (or a segment) to select only shoppers that are with (or without) this tag. We say that they are more powerful than lists because the tag can be used in a combination with any other filter, such as purchase history, etc.

This post will discuss how you can easily apply tags to shoppers by sending them links inside any email!

As an example, let's consider a welcome email for a pet store. You would like to ask the shopper whether they are a "cat person" or a "dog person". So, you'd design the welcome email to have 2 buttons with links, and when defining the link attributes in the app, you'd add "Dogs" to the "dog" button, and "Cats" to the cat button, as in the example below:


You can do the same for links defined on an image:


When the recipient clicks this link, they will be redirected to the URL, just like any other link. However, in Remarkety, they will also be tagged "Cat Person", and you can use this tag in a segmentation:




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