How to auto populate a coupon code into a shopping cart for Shopify

With Remarkety, you can make sure that a coupon code sent to your customer will be automatically applied via checkout. This way, customer's will be able to receive their discount in just one step. No need to type in or copy/paste. 

Also, the coupon link will automatically be redirected to the checkout page.

This option is available on abandoned cart campaigns on Shopify and Prestashop only.


Please follow the steps below for how to use this feature:

1. Make sure that you have configured a coupon promotion in the "General" tab. Even if this is a static coupon code (like: 10-OFF), it needs to be configured here:


2. In the content, highlight the {$coupon.code} text (which will be replaced by the coupon code itself when the email is sent), and click on the link icon. Then, in the Url field, type {$coupon.checkoutUrl} and click Ok.



That's it!

You can also use the {$coupon.checkoutUrl} as a Url field for other links in the email of course, such as your Call to Action button.

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