Step 1 - Create a Discount on your store

You can skip this step if you already have a Discount settings you want to use

  1. Open your Shopify store admin
  2. Go to Discounts
  3. click "Create discount"

  4. On the "Create discount code" page, fill the code settings:
    • Discount code - give the discount an informative name (For example: Remarkety 10% Off)
    • Usage limits - Limit to 1 use per discount code
    • Active dates - Make sure to keep the discount active.
  5. Click "Save discount"


Step 2 - Setup the automation on Remarkety to use the created discount type

  1. Open the campaign editor for the automation you want to use.
  2. Under "Coupons" select "Personalized coupon".
  3. If you see the following notice: "To create personalized coupons, please authorize the app in Shopify", make sure to click "Authorize" and approve the additional permission we need in order to create personalized coupons.
    Once you finish the authorize process, reload the campaign editor.
  4. Select discount type to use  - select the discount you created on Step 1.
  5. Make sure to click Test and check that the created coupon code is working as expected with the correct discount on your store.
  6. If needed, add the Coupon block to the email template.
  7. Save the campaign
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