Supporting additional fields on Shopify's registration form

If you're using Shopify's customer registration form, you can now send additional shopper data to Remarkety using Shopify's "note" field!

Collect this information to more accurately target email content either as birthday automations, personalized product recommendations, or introduction of omni-channel marketing. 

*Keep in mind this article refers specifically to Shopify's registration form, not from checkout or any other contact collection methods. 


About the registration form

When referring to Shopify's registration form, we mean its customer/create template, detailed in this article. Until recently, the form could collect and send only the following fields: first name, last name, email and password.

Keep reading to see what the new notes feature allows.


Sending note fields

Remarkety is able to accept three distinct fields from Shopify's note fields: 

  • Phone number - will show in Remarkety's Phone number and SMS number fields.
  • Birthdate - will show in contact's Birthday field.
  • Gender - will show in Remarkety's Gender field. 

The correct formats for sending these fields are detailed below. 


Set Up

To set up the form from scratch, read this piece from Shopify's Dev Docs.

If your registration form is already set up, all you will have to do is add the notes field to the existing form with the desired data inputs.

The note fields will look something like this: 

<div class="birthday">
<label for="birthday">Birthday</label>
<input id="birthday" type="date" name="customer[note][Birthday]" />

<div class="phone_number">
<label for="phone_number">Phone number</label>
<input id="phone_number" type="text" name="customer[note][number]" />

<div class="gender">
<label for="gender">Gender</label>
<select id="gender" name="customer[note][gender]">
<option value="">Choose</option>
<option value="male">Male</option>
<option value="female">Female</option>


Acceptable formats


The phone number will be added to Remarkety's Phone and SMS Phone field (to enable sending from the SMS marketing channel). Remarkety will automatically classify the number with the country set in your account's Store Info page. 



Birthdate should be sent in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD.



Gender binaries can be sent either as: 

  • m
  • male 
  • f
  • female 


Since this is Shopify's form, Remarkety does not send any validations about whether the fields were sent in the correct format and accepted. 

If you set up the form and would like to confirm receipt inside Remarkety, the best way will be to do a test submission and see that the data is transferred correctly. With questions on this process reach out to


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