How to use dynamic tags in email and SMS campaigns

Dynamic tags are placeholders used to personalize your email/SMS content by using information you already collected on your contacts or have in your e-commerce data. 

Dynamic tags examples can be first name, last name, total number of orders, reward points, etc. 

Below is a list of available tags separated into groups. The majority of these tags are applicable to both SMS and email campaigns, unless otherwise noted. For example:  *EMAIL ONLY*


Email Tags:

*EMAIL ONLY* {$unsubscribeUrl} - Use this tag as the "href" in your <a> tags, for example:

<a href="{$unsubscribeUrl}">Click here to unsubscribe</a>

*EMAIL ONLY* {$viewInBrowserUrl} - Use this tag as the "href" to support a "view in browser" link, for example:

Can't read this email? <a href="{$viewInBrowserUrl}">Click here</a>

 Store info tags:

{$} – Your store name

Hello! Welcome to {$}

{$store.address} – Your store address

{$store.contactEmail} - Store's contact email

{$store.contactName} - Store's contact name (usually, the person who is listed as the account admin)

{$store.url} – Store’s URL

{$store.logoUrl} – Store’s logo URL

{$date.year} - Current year

{$date.month} - Current month (numeric)

{$} - Current day of month

{$} - Store's phone number

{$} - Store's city

{$} - Store's country

{$store.province} - Store's State/Region/Province


Customer tags (personalization):

{$shopper.firstName} - First name 

Hi {$shopper.firstName} !

{$shopper.lastName} - Last name 

{$shopper.title} – Title (Mr, Mrs., Dr, etc.) 

{$} - Contact's email address

{$shopper.countryCode} - Country code (US, CA, etc.) 

{$shopper.totalSpent} - All-time total spent 

{$shopper.numOrders} - Number of orders 

{$shopper.lastOrderDate} - Last order date 

{$shopper.address} - Address 

{$} - City 

{$shopper.stateRegion} - State/region

{$shopper.zipCode} - Zip code

{$} - Phone number

{$shopper.customerCredit} - Customer credit

Reward points: {$shopper.rewardsPoints}

Shopper ID: {$shopper.customerId}


Order/Cart Information:

These are fields which are taken form a specific order

{$order.createdOn} - Order date

{$} - Order total (by default the order will be displayed with a currency symbol included)

{$order.shipping} - Order shipping

{$} - Total discount

{$order.couponCode} - Coupon code used in the order

{$order.orderId} - Order ID/Number

{$} - Order status (Shipped, processing, etc.)

{$order.status.code} - Order status code

{$order.itemCount} - Number of items in order/cart

*EMAIL ONLY* {$order.totalTax} - Total tax of the order



{$coupon.code} - Coupon code (learn more)

{$coupon.expiration} - Coupon expiration date. If you set an expiration date for the dynamic coupon, you can display it like "Coupon will expire on {$coupon.expiration}".


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