Dynamic tags are placeholders used to personalize your email content by using information you already collected on your contacts or have in your e-commerce data. Dynamic tags examples can be first name, last name, total number of orders, reward points, etc. Nonetheless, sometimes a more advanced tag formatting is required to implement. 

For example: Capitalizing first letter of the shopper's first name, display a discounted price, displaying a coupon's expiration date etc. 

To review Remarkety's list of dynamic tags and how to use them, click here.

Below is a list of available advanced tags separated into groups:

Customer tags (personalization):

Default value: {$shopper.firstName|default:'VALUE'}

If the contact does not have a first name on record, you can use a default value.

Use case: {$shopper.firstName|default:'there'}. If there is no first name listed, then it will be replaced with the word there. For example: Hi there,

Capitalize first name: {$shopper.firstName|capitalize|default:'VALUE'}

To make sure the contact's first letter in his first name capitalized in case the first name is listed with all lowercase.

Use case: Hi john will be replaced with "Hi John" when this tag {$shopper.firstName|capitalize|default:'there'} is applied.

Capitalize last name: {$shopper.lastName|capitalize|}

To make sure the contact's last name is capitalized in case the last name is listed with all lowercase.

For example, John smith will be replaced with "John Smith" when this tag is applied.

Dollar amount away from rewards plateau {{X00{$shopper.totalSpentNominal}}|currency}.

Use case: You are only {{300-{$shopper.totalSpentNominal}}|currency} away from the next level in our rewards program which gives you 7.5% discount on every purchase. 

Order amount away from rewards plateau: {X0-{$shopper.numOrders}}.

Use case: You are only {10-{$shopper.numOrders}} orders away from the next level in our rewards program which gives you 7.5% discount on every purchase.


Order/Cart Information: These are fields which are taken from a specific order

Add % over the product value: {($order.discountRaw*XXX.X)|currency}

Use case: To Add 20% on top of the product value {($order.discountRaw*1.2)|currency}(1.2 can be replaced by any number you choose).

Divide % off the product value: {($order.discountRaw*0.XX)|currency}

Use case: Using the tag{($order.discountRaw*0.2)|currency} will give a 20% fixed discount off the retail value.

Order total without the currency symbol: {$order.totalRaw}

Remarkety's order tags come automatically with the currency sign included, using the {$order.totalRaw} will transform $20 to 20. 

Rounding to nearest integer: {$order.totalRaw|round|currency} 

Round off the total cost to nearest integer. Using the tag {$order.totalRaw|round|currency} will round $1.95 to $2.0

Round the discount to nearest integer: {($order.totalRaw*0.20)|round|currency}

Round off the discount from the total price to nearest integer.

Displaying the value of the line item price X quantity: {($item.priceRaw*$item.quantity)|currency}

Subtract the shipping cost from the total value of the order: {($order.totalRaw-$order.shippingRaw)|currency}



Additional formatting: {$coupon.expiration|dateformat}

Set up an expiration date based on the date format you set up in your account settings


Displaying a short date format: {$shopper.lastOrderDate|dateformat:'d/m/y'}

Modify the date to show and abbreviated version instead of the full date timestamp.

Product Recommendations:

Displaying the sale price, if exists. If not, show the retail price instead: {if $r[X].salePriceWithTaxRaw != $r[X].priceRaw}{$r[X].salePriceWithTax}{else}{$r[X].price}{/if} 

Modify the product recommendation's price field to use the following condition: 

If sale price is different than the original price, show the sale price. 

If not, show the original price. 


For more information regarding shopper and advanced tags to use in Remarkety campaigns, contact support@remarkety.com 


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