This article will discuss how to apply tags to contacts by clicking a link inside any email!

As an example, let's consider a Welcome email for a pet store. You would like to ask the contact whether they are a "Cat person" or a "Dog person".
So, you'd design the welcome email to have 2 buttons. When defining the link attributes for each button, you'd add a "Dogs" tag to the "dog" button, and a "Cats" tag to the cat button, as in the example below:


To specify the tag, add the URL query parameter "rm_tag" to the link.

For example, to add parameter to this URL:

The final URL will look like this:

To add a tag to URL that already have query parameters, use the "&" separator, for example:
Original URL:
URL with tag:




For use cases when you will need to add more than one tag to a link, make sure to separate the  2 tag values by a comma (',').

For example:,cat  


When a recipient clicks on a link with a tag, Remarkety will automatically add this tag/tags to their contact profile.


For more questions concerning the Remarkety template editor, contact 



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