To change the the default appearance of the Product recommendation and the product builder rows, please follow the these steps:


  1. In your NEW campaign editor, drag either a product row or a product recommendation row to your template. Once the row is dragged successfully, select the row and click on the save icon.
  2. Once clicked on the save icon, a pop-up window will appear asking you to name the row - Ignore it.

    On the bottom of the popup, you will find the text "This row was created from a "product row" template. If you wish to edit the row template itself, please click here." Click on the "Click here".
    save image
  3. A new tab will automatically open in your browser.  
    In the new tab, drag-and-drop the row from the "Rows" section on the right of the editor, edit the row, and click "Save".
  4. Return to the original campaign editor tab.
    Now, you are able to create a new product row. You will notice that the changes you made on the Product row layout editor will be displayed.

    And that's it! Moving forward, every time you will create a product row, your design will be the default appearance of the product row.

    For any questions concerning Remarkety's new template editor, contact  
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